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Discover your true passions, paint a powerful vision of who you want to be, and create the life you were meant to live
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In just 6 weeks, immerse yourself into a deep transformation to go from frustrated and unfulfilled to powerful, successful and joyful

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Here's all the juicy goodness we're going to explore...

Discover The Truest, Most Beautiful Life

Here's where you paint the picture of Future You. You'll discover your true passions...and create a powerful vision of who you want to be. And then you'll create some anchors to hold on to as you go into the deep.

Remember Who You Are

When you were a little girl, before the world got its tentacles wrapped around you, you were fearless, curious, filled with wonder, brave. We're going to reconnect with your true self, then go deep into your core strengths and zone of genius. We'll begin to explore the saboteurs that get in your way. 

become the queen of the house

Learn the energy behind why you behave the way you do. I'll teach you the four energetic archetypes to raise your awareness of when you're out of alignment with Future You and give you skills to shift in the moment when a destructive archetype is taking over!

give yourself Permission to Feel

We drain so much energy trying to suppress our emotions. We are taught this from an early age, and it only gets worse in our professional lives. You're going to learn the power of emotion and learn how to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Even better, you'll learn how to create a protective energetic barrier so that you aren't taking on all the emotions of those around you. Ahhhhhh.

Own Your Sh!t

Excuses are just lies we tell ourselves so it doesn't have to be our fault. You're going to dig deep into the superpower of taking responsibility for yourself and everything you do or don't do. This is radical personal responsibility, and you're going to love it and embrace it so that you can truly claim your power and become Limitless.

You Become What You Believe

You have no idea how powerful your thoughts are. If you knew, you'd never think another destructive thought again! I know, I know...easier said than done! But is it? Learn the techniques I have personally used to overcome a lifetime of Imposter Syndrome and train your thoughts to work for you, not against you.

 You've done a lot of work on yourself. You're on a first-name basis with Brene. You've read every motivational quote in Mel Robbins' voice. And Super Soul Conversations is like your religion.
 And beat yourself up constantly because you don't feel like you're "there" yet. You wonder if all the work was for nothing. Some days you feel like you're unstoppable. Others, it's like you'll never make it to the top of this mountain you've been climbing for Too. Many. Years.
 You wonder why you're not farther along in your career. Or why you're trapped in a career you don't love, but too afraid to take the leap into the unknown.
 You've read a lot about Imposter Syndrome and wonder: "Is that me??" You've read a lot about a lot of things, and they all give you a sense that somehow, you're not measuring up.
 You think that maybe you're not meant for this "more" stuff. Because it seems the closer you get, the more you feel yourself being snapped back.
 You're getting in your own way. The woman you envision is waiting patiently. She's waiting for you to discover what she knows. And the sooner you do, the sooner you get to be HER.
Imagine for a minute. You know who you are. No, really, who you are. You accept yourself for all that you are.
 You know that you're flawed, and you love your flaws.
 You stop apologizing for taking up space.
 You stop caring what everyone else thinks of you.
 You know, like you know every freckle on your body, what you're capable of. And what you're capable of is anything you tell yourself you can do.
 I know you were meant for more. And I know you can have it.
 You don't know this yet, but you will...You just need a little nudge. 

Here's the nudge you've been waiting for.

Limitless is a six-week immersion in becoming the woman in your vision

 We're going to give you permission to dream big, to paint the picture of Future You.
 We're going to dig deep into what's really holding you back.
 You'll then learn how to rapidly transform the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, with powerful and proven tools that will help you create the life you were meant to live.

Here's how it's gonna go down...

We'll meet weekly for up to 90 minutes, (You'll get a link to add to your calendar)
Sessions are at 1:00pm ET each week...
We'll have two scheduled office hours, where I'll coach you rapid-fire style, plus random live Q&A sessions
All sessions are recorded and you'll have LIFETIME access to the replays of sessions, office hours, and all live Q&A
A private Facebook community with your new Tribe, where I'm gonna love all over you, push you and celebrate the hell out of you!
Each week, you get a fresh workbook with loads of tools and exercises to help you take the baby steps of learning all your shiny new thought processes!

Hey! I'm Laura

I'm a 25-year advertising veteran turned personal power accelerator. I led award-winning advertising efforts for multi-million, Fortune 500 brands like Walt Disney, Hallmark Cards, Sprint and Kraft Heinz at powerhouse agencies including Leo Burnett, 360i and FCB...all while living with a fierce case of Imposter Syndrome

Working with a coach changed all of that, and now I partner with clients to reduce stress, elevate confidence, increase productivity, and overcome exhausting politics, bias, and toxic work cultures by unleashing their personal power.

YOU have unlimited potential. My job is to gently kick your ass, fiercely empathize with you, and champion the hell out of you so that you can unleash it. 

I was trained and received my Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner credentials from the world's leading coach training program, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

I've earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). And I cured myself of Imposter Syndrome, with the help of some pretty badass coaches.

I was always a badass...but now I know I am!


And It Can Work For You As Well

"Seeing things that create triggers or reactions that feel maybe a little bit bigger than the moment that I'm in and saying, okay. That's probably not about this email I received there's something deeper here and instead of going right down a rabbit hole where I start to chip away at my value or whatever attribute. I want to go I can stop and say, okay. What did this bring up in me?

- Andrea

"I feel more at ease and comfortable in every aspect of my life. I simply feel lighter and freer. For the first time in a very, very long time I just feel like no matter what comes my way, I will not only be ok, I will be AMAZING. It truly is like 1000 pounds was lifted off my shoulders."
- Becky, Pennsylvania
"Love the Small group setting which allows for sharing and support in addition to Laura's excellent coaching. No matter where you are in your mindset or level of self confidence, you will uncover something about yourself that will help you grow!"
- Laureen, Georgia
"I’m no longer discounting myself. My needs matter and I can act accordingly. I also am getting better & better at catching myself before things really spin out of control in my head. I can remember that I have a choice. It’s amazing. LIMITLESS was an utterly transformative experience."
- Andrea, New York

You know you were made for more.
I'm showing you the door...

all you have to do is walk through it!

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